Writing a Great Informative Essay

Essays and students can almost get considered synonymous, especially in college or high school. It’s at the two stages of education that students cannot escape the prospect of writing informative essays. You will have to develop an essay either from an assigned subject or write one by picking your topic. 

So what does it all entail? An excellent informative essay aims at educating your audience about a specific subject through careful elaboration or analysis of a set of data. It’s about comparing controversial perspectives on specific subjects rather than the presentation of opinions.  

Guidelines to Writing an Excellent Informative Essay

  • Develop a plan before you start writing your informative essay. It will permit you, to effectively organize the available information, and in turn, speed up your essay writing.
  • Brainstorm ideas. It’s always crucial to pick an appropriate subject in scenarios where your tutors have entrusted you with choosing one. Pick an interesting field that excites you before brainstorming to get the best ideas to generate an outline that will assist you in organizing your thoughts. 
  • Pick a subject. Narrowing down the options available will allow you to pick the right topic. Remember to select a subject that proves neither too broad nor too narrow. 
  • Carry out extensive informative research. You have to collect all the information relevant to the subject you’ve picked by utilizing both secondary and primary sources of information.
  • Use a diverse range of sources and ensure the validity of their reliability. Not everyone likes sites such as Wikipedia. As such, you should avoid citing it as much as possible, though checking out some of the links at each wiki page can prove effective in getting reliable sources easily. Further, ensure that you use varied source types to enable your essay to become all-rounded.

The Outline for a Brilliant Informative Essay

A good informative essay outline should have an introduction that contains a thesis statement. It has to present the main argument properly and interestingly. As with other standard essays, it should then have three body paragraphs that contain information that supports the thesis statement. Finally, the essay should have a conclusion that wraps up the essay’s message besides presenting its importance to the world.

  • Introduction. It has to begin with a hook to grab the audience’s attention. Such can include a story, an anecdote, joke, shocking statistic, or rhetorical question, among others. You then have to include any background information to contextualize the whole piece before incorporating the thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs. The section aims to support the stated thesis statement by using evidence such as statistics, graphs, examples, etc. Every paragraph has to begin with a good topic sentence that smoothly transitions the thesis and your key point.
    It’s crucial to adhere to the three CCE steps in developing and concluding your body text. You have to write a sentence that displays assertiveness concerning your opinion. It will make your thesis or argument look sharp.
  • Conclusion. It should summarize your essay efficiently by restating the thesis and giving final insights and thoughts on the subject.


The importance of writing an excellent informative essay cannot get stated enough. It ensures your personality shines through your writing, besides ensuring better grades. So, incorporate the guidelines issued in writing your informative essay to ensure its top-class. 

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