Crafting an Excellent Compare and Contrast Essay

In the world, a lot of things occur in a binary way, and this influences choices that individuals make. It’s either you pick an option with all its negatives or forfeit it and settle on an alternative. Because of this, it becomes crucial to include an essay that compares and contrasts. It tries to evaluate the differences and similarities between subjects. Understanding such a concept helps a student in the immediate and future daily endeavors.

A Stepwise Guide to Writing an Excellent Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Pick a subject. You have to pick two subjects that relate to each other but distinctly different for this type of essay. For instance, when a topic entails two diverse and historical figures, you have to go with two great politicians instead of a politician and an artist. A good example includes Totalities and Democracy, Catholicism and Orthodox, etc.
  • Brainstorm on the similarities and the differences. You can effectively do this by coming up with two lists. One should contain the similarities while the other differences between the two subjects. Further, based on your strengths, such as visual strength, you can decide to use something like a Venn to facilitate the process. Overlapping circles based on similarities should make the comparisons while the different qualities between the two subjects should contrast the two. Such a methodology can help you structure your essay and ensure the flow of your ideas.
  • Hone into your key argument. An excellent essay that contrasts and compares often goes beyond the difference and similarity listing to make more sense about the main subject. Ponder on the list you have created to note the striking aspect of the subjects so that you can develop your key argument.
  • Settle on an organizational structure. Many possibilities exist when it comes to structuring such an essay. You can decide to write in detail about a particular subject before switching to another subject. Alternatively, you can settle on a pointwise method in comparing your subjects and similarly contrasting them at the same time.
  • Create an outline. You have to develop an outline that can comfortably suit your chosen structure. For instance, an introduction, four body paragraphs, instead of three, and a conclusion, to give the whole piece some balance. 
  • Incorporate the supporting evidence. It’s crucial to back your assertions using relevant research evidence or facts, personal experience, or items you have read. However, remember to explain the relevance of your included evidence concerning the context of your essay’s larger argument.
  • Write using strong transitions to give your work a seamless flow as you move from statement to statement. Use words such as similarly, likewise, nonetheless, etc.
  • Revise and proofread the essay carefully once you finish writing. It’s always crucial to read repeatedly to correct mistakes that accrue as a result of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You can make good use of available grammar and spelling tools in processing your document. If possible, ask a friend to read your work as well to spot mistakes you can easily miss when you edit your work.


An excellent compare and contrast essay only requires you to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines. You can never go wrong with such tips when writing your work.

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