Choosing a Good Essay Topic

When asked to write an essay on anything, it is not easy as it may seem at the first instance. Yes, you have been given the freedom to choose what to write but some work is required before you can finally settle on a specific topic of interest. Remember that you are not writing for yourself but your readers. Therefore, you should appeal to your audience.

To successfully pick a good essay topic, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What would you want to see in an essay headline? What makes an essay more appealing than others? These are the questions that should flood your mind when asked to choose a topic and write an essay based on that. With this mindset, you will walk into the right path of choosing quality essay topics.

The best essay Topics

A good essay topic should win the attention of your readers. Therefore, you should be thoroughly prepared to make the heading as appealing as possible. Here are sample essay topics to consider:

  1. The economic impact of Covid-19
  2. The mystery of the relationship between religion and the state
  3. Technology driving the world
  4. Fast-moving Life in the 21st Century
  5. How Technology Has Impacted the Business World
  6. Management of Healthcare amid Covid-19 Pandemic
  7. Politics of the world: A case study of the US
  8. How Africa Could Build Herself Economically
  9. Social Media and Depression among youths
  10. Consumerism and Technology Influence

Your essay topic choice can be on anything. However, the way you present it is what matters. It could be something that is not new to your audience. The reason they will read your essay lies in how well you present it right from the essay topic. Don’t make it rather obvious for them. It should carry a message of hope for new strategies in writing it.

Choosing your Essay Topic

As you prepare to pick a topic for your essay, familiarize yourself with various kinds of essays. Here is what you need to do:

  • Read more essays and get to see how the topics are crafted. Good writers are good readers. If you don’t take the time to study what others have done, you may realize challenges in writing your essay topics. A few examples here and there should put you in a better place of crafting quality essay topics.
  • Write a few examples and choose the best. You may not outrightly come up with the easy for your topic at once. Therefore, you can consider drafting several options and keep refining them until you get the best.
  • Make it interesting. Don’t leave your essay topic plain. Make sure that it will trigger the audience to want to read it.


An essay topic should be unique and carefully crafted. If you take time to read and do your research, you should be able to come up with good options for your essay topic. Keep refining the initial essay topic samples to help you settle on the best. Draw your topics from a wide scope so that you don’t limit yourself.